Doro Worlds easiest mobile the Doro HandlePlus launched

Swedish mobile phone company Doro has launched the HandlePlus 324gsm along with the Doro HandleEasy 326gsm phones, with the HandlePlus having only seven operation buttons has been talked about as the perfect mobile for customers with limited functionality.

According to Doro users can easily pre-program five numbers for quick and easy with direct access to their support with the single tap of a button. The Doro HandleEasy on the other hand has only four pre-programmable buttons but also includes other features such as high contrast LCD display, vibrator ringtone, speakerphone capabilities, large rubber buttons, and an number pad for dialling non-programmable numbers.

Both the Doro HandlePlus, and HandEasy are now available from BioAcoustics for around £80.00, and the HandleEasy will be available from Argos as from January 2008 at a price of £99.99.

Doro Worlds

Doro Worlds

Source — Pocket-lint

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