Motorola Sidekick slide mechanism has a flaw: It either reboots or switches off

Oops now one likes too see a major flaw in what is supposed to be the major part of a device and this is what is happening to the new Sidekick slide. The Sidekick slide mechanism has a flaw, ok this is where we are going with this, we all know that the major good thing about the Sidekick slide is the slide mechanism itself but it has been reported that there is a major error.

The Motorola Sidekick slide for T-Mobile has been shipped with a major set back (flaw) and trust as when we say the devil is in disguise sitting behind the slide mechanism waiting for you and BANG he prances and plays havoc with your device. The flaw is when actuating the display’s slide somehow it spontaneously reboots or sometimes simply turns off and stays off.

Motorola Sidekick slide

We personally have not tested this as off yet but we will, we have searched all over the internet and made a few phone calls to other colleagues and they have said they have tested this but it happens one in every 30ish.

Boy Genius Report have said that there are some other issues which makes things go from bad too worse and that is the power cycle is a hard reset and this actually means your data’s dead in the water unless you are within a range of a T-Mobile signal to download everything from Danger’s servers again. The battery is apparently loose and this is the culprit.

Should this device have ever left the factory?

Source — Boy Genius Report

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One thought on “Motorola Sidekick slide mechanism has a flaw: It either reboots or switches off”

  1. Joshua Alford says:

    Well the problem I had with my sidekick slide is that the battery life is so short. It can go from 100 to 0% in like 3 hours making you carry your charger every where you go

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