Apple iPhone v1.1.2 jailbreak update: Now has activation and PowerPC support

Do we need all these iPhone jailbreak news? Damn right we do. Ok so the iPhone v1.1.2 jailbreak only worked with legit AT&T activated iPhones which are on Intel-based Mac machines well now we can tell you now that has all changed because there has been an update.

The iPhone always seizes to amaze people and now with the latest update to the Apple iPhone v1.1.2 jailbreak means that there is a solution which will now activate allowing you to bypass the “Connect to iTunes” screen and use the iPhone without an AT&T contract (Lovely).

The real good thing as well is that it works with PowerPC-based Mac machines, if you have not jail broken your Apple iPhone v1.1.2 please take a look at the link provided and jailbreak from Conceited Software.

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