LG Viewty KU990 out of the box & Photos: Hands on review part 1

I have the LG Viewty KU990 mobile phone and I am pulling it out of the box. Phones review has been sent the LG KU990 aka Viewty and will be giving you a number of hands on reviews and today’s review is called LG Viewty KU990 out of the box & Photos: Hands on review part 1. First of all we like to let you know about the awesome sites which are Viewty microsite http://viewty.lgmobile.com/ and the LG Blog http://www.lgblog.co.uk please do visit these two sites as they are very good indeed.

Right shall we get back to the LG Viewty, Phones review received this phone yesterday and to be different we like to give you many reviews and to start of these hands on reviews is all about the packaging box and what is in it. We have taken a few pictures which you can see below and must say the box got us excited even before we took out the contents (Yeah I am easily pleased).

The main black box was inside a nice white sleeve with the name, model and picture of the phone and when we removed the sleeve to reveal the main box we lifted the lid of which shows a 3 dimensional image of the LG Viewty KU990, the box itself contains obviously the LG Viewty mobile phone, earphones, USB cable, stylus pen, charger, battery, instruction manual and software CD (LG PC Suite and DivX Converter).

Oh baby I am so pleased so far and with a big smile on my face which one day later am still smiling, just for now I played around with the phone to get the feel of the LG mobile and the way it all works and must say am very impressed indeed, I will be as said above will be given you a number of hands on reviews so I will save all this for next time.

A little insight to the LG Viewty KU990, just so you know this is a camera phone a very good one at that with 5.1 megapixels with autofocus and Xenon flash plus also features the stunning Video capture VGA: 30 fps/QVGA: 120 fps (oh man the slow motion video recording is unbelievable I play for hours with this one), some of the main specs which we will be covering over the next few weeks are Haptic feedback which basically means when pressing the screen it will vibrate, DivX video playback, Photo and video editing, VGA video call camera and so much more.

Even though we have played around with this phone for a few hours I can assure you that the LG Viewty KU990 is a definite must have mobile, we will be telling all on this mobile phone good or bad (if we find any bad news that is), trust us when we say if we do not like some features you will know about it but I can assure you one day on we really love the LG Viewty and give it the big thumbs up.

Please keep coming back to Phones Review for even more in depth reviews with the next review being – LG Viewty KU990 functionality and usability: Hands on review part 2 – Now check out the LG Viewty KU990 photos below and some more information –

LG Viewty Box

lg viewty the box

LG Viewty Box Again

LG Viewty Box Again

LG Viewty view the next technology

lg-viewty view the next technology

LG Viewty Camera

LG Viewty Camera

LG Viewty Front View

LG Viewty Front View 1

LG Viewty Side View 1

LG Viewty Side View 1

LG Viewty Side View 2

LG Viewty Side View 2

LG Viewty Accessories

LG Viewty Accessories

LG Viewty Accessories Again

LG Viewty Accessories Again

LG Viewty and Friends

LG Viewty and Friends

LG Viewty Handset and Earphone Box

LG Viewty Handset and Earphone Box

LG Viewty Handset-Charger-Display Film

LG Viewty Handset-Charger-Display Film

LG Viewty headset Earphones

LG Viewty headset Earphones

LG Viewty Manuals and CD

LG Viewty Manuals and CD

LG Viewty USB Cable

LG Viewty USB Cable

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43 thoughts on “LG Viewty KU990 out of the box & Photos: Hands on review part 1”

  1. Kate says:

    Geat phone but no available accessories, like spare chargers or cases have I been able to find. Tried most of the major stores and been told that as it’s a new phone there are no spare parts available…!

  2. Joanne says:

    good fone but as above – no available spares!

    i’ve lost the back to mine and have been trying for days to get hold of one to no avail! I’ve been around all local stores and tried calling LG but haven’t got anywhere yet.
    any ideas/other suggestions i could try?

  3. I have got my LG viewty the only thing i am stuck on is the USB cable i plugged it in and nothing worked and it said i have to use the CD but the CD is Reaaly reaaly small so how am i ment to put that in my normall CD computar space Please help me becuse in your pictures it has a big CD????


  4. Hughie , London says:

    As iam due an up grade on my current network. i was browsing around and come across the Viewty. I havent actually recieved my handset yet. But i have done my homework and with all the reviews. The Viewty seems to come up trumps. Guess i’ll let you the score in three months ahy.

  5. Esme says:

    I got my Viewty, and have had it for a few days. Due to my clumsiness, I’ve already lost the pointer thingy you use to touch the screen. Are replacements available?

  6. Mike says:

    I have have have just got my LG Viewty lovely large touch screen. I upgraded on Orange said it would be £160 but 30 secs later agreed its would be FREE.
    You can get Crystal case from Expansys. Any ideas where to get a video cable to connect to tv ? Joanne how can anybody loose the back cover to phone?

  7. denni0302 says:

    Mike, go to http://www.shopbot.com and type in u990 , there is 2 stores with video out cable (sorry cant get u the link just kinda busy 🙂 ) i was wonderin how some1 can lose a back cover too lol.
    there are a few accessories out, just check shopbot and static ice.

  8. nancy says:

    Love the fone even tho I am now on my forth one because I was disapointed with the camera and video quality compared to all the hype and the advertising on Lg’s own site. In comparisson for photo quality my sony erricson k900 3.2 mp took far superior pics, so did my sons S.E k750i and so did my mums 2 mp camera???? And i have taken photos in all conditions using all the differant mode functions to suit the various moods but still nothing to compare with the other fones??? Also on all that i have tried so far the video only works in the brightest of condition and yet the Lg site shows video footage taken at night? slightly misleading! I have now finally discovered that photo quality is acceptable(not great just ok!) as long as you do not put the anti shake on. If you put the anti shake on the the flash does not go off at all even if really dark and there is no function for ‘flash always on’? strange as you can turn Flash off, have Auto, or red eye, but no flash always on?? So as long as you take photos without the anti shake the pics are ok but as I said in comparisson with the other cameras mentioned the colours are very drab and grey on the viewty and unrepresentative of the true colurs seen by the eye, plus the quality is no better even when uploaded to the computer? So very disappointed from this point as I really wanted a ‘camera’ that also worked as a fone paramount but I’ve fallen in love with all the other functions, the look and the style plus the ease of use, even tho some forums have people complaining about finding the scrolling difficult etc but I have had no such problems that weren’t resolved within a few hours of playing! So…. will probably just have to accept that the camera quality is poor and wait for my 12 month contract to end and hope they bring out a better model!!!!! Lg have been made aware of my comments and were supposed to be sending me out another fone, tried and tested to prove to me that its functions are not just hype……..I am still waiting!!!!!!!!
    If anyone elses fone takes photo in dark conditions with the antishake mode on and their flash still goes off I would be very interested to hear as my four fones have yet to do so and its hugely frustrating as I can’t use it to take pics other than in bright light conditions!

  9. raymondo says:

    great phone but had to have a new screen already…its rather fragile and if you have any keys etc in your pocket with it be prepared for a cracked screen..also, ladies be careful if you are in the habit of putting your phone in your handbag. also now i have just found the clear glass lens cover has cracked! why can they not have a sliding cover like the Ericsson’s have? and spares are still not availabele, went to a repair shop to get the lens cover fixed and they cant help! come on LG, sort it out.

  10. Alice says:

    I am Definately Looking forward to my next upgrade at the end of this month so i can get this phone, a friend of my has it and swears it is the best phone she has ever had. Quite scared about the touch screen as it may be a bit to faffy for if you have to send a quick text. I have a sony erricson cybershot at the moment which i think is a great phone. Although the LG is 5 mgpxls is the camera good because i have heard it is quite dark?
    Please Reply
    Thanks x

  11. Leanne says:

    I have just brought this phone… and i agree it it great but I am having trouble taking pictures. There are loads of settings on the camera setting and whenever I try to take pictures, they always come out realli blurry. I have fiddled about and tried all the settings but still no change!! any help u can offer ??

  12. sue says:

    Got the phone in january good apart from cannot get USB connection ???Loaded the LG pc suite to my computer it connects the minute i want to use it it disconnects.
    Googled usb probs with viewty loads come up .Tried every solution – still does not work.

  13. emmer says:

    i love my Viewty. but its not letting me do video calling
    it says “video calling not available”

    it worked once. but never again

  14. beckii says:

    i was thinking of getting lg viewty but im still wondering what to do i didnt no if to get it ive read loads of reviews and most of em r gd but some of them arent what shall i do??? =]

  15. amb says:

    Its my birthday soon and im going to buy a phone …. is it worth me buying ? most of the reviews i have read are saying that its a good phone ? can anybody give me any advice

    Thanks =]

  16. Jamie Godsmark says:

    Getting the photos of of my phone on to my laptop is such a task, it takes ages for the connection to work and most of the time it fails. To be honest this phone is a bore, i could have had a fab night out with the money i paid for it.


  17. Tony says:

    as I been reading reviews and stuff to get your usb to work go to setting and convinty or whatever and go to covinty conntion change to usb cable to usb massge storage i’m not sure if that’s the right way but I know its somewhere in there :). i’m wanting the phone I was gonna get the iphone 3g but just saw this one and it lookd manly to me I mean manly because it pretty big to an iphone the iphone slim like a ladys phone ha. Well I wanna know does the battary run out quick. Because I hate it my sidekick runs out so fast and it annonys me.

  18. adam180 says:

    alright tony
    i have had this phone about a year now and the battery dont seem as good as it was when it was new (and i was playing around a lot with it then)at the moment i need to charge it every night because most of the time will make a second day but then it will go all of a sudden (from 3 bars to shutdown in a hour or 2)4 is fully charged.
    over all its a nice phone but make sure you get a good cover for it because it can be as hard to hold as a bar of soap in the bath lol, not a holder with a magnet in it like i got that is making the display a bit funny.
    hope this helps tony
    all the best

  19. Lindsay says:

    I totally agree with nancy that the camera in the phone is a let down.
    I’m selling my phone after having it for a few months.
    Emphasise that there is no function to chose when the flash goes on so if it is slightly dark you cant even see the picture.
    Also dissapointed that there is no lense cover.
    I wanted this phone to act as a camera but it doesn’t.
    Everything else is good apart from the camera.

  20. Bex says:

    I’ve had this phone for a year now, it’s ttly rubbish. i’ve had 7 replacements from t mobile due to it randomly sending texts from my sent items to anyone it like in my phone book, the touch screen goes and it turn its self off whenever it feels like it.

    If it worked it’d be an awesome phone… my pictures come out amazing. the thing is i’ve lost the cd it came with and have a new lap top so i can’t take the pics off my phone… anyone got any ideas where i can download the software from? PLEASE.

  21. abs says:

    well i have used it for quite sometime now

    1. yeah still pictures require your understanding.
    i.e. u choose when is nightmode or landscape…
    auto AI is not that efficient

    2. Video recording is amazing

    3. for dark picturesd captured use smartLight option later on…. really improves the pic a hell lot at many times

    4. For all those who have lost their CD and wants to transfer the pic… change the phone setting to usb mode and then connect the phone. your PC/LAptop will detect it as removable data drive

    Now my doubt is that through the web browser i am not able to able to access gmail or orkut or any other sites… it says secure connection fails… any head up???

    and anytips regarding how to improve the still pics quality?

  22. joshua says:

    i have the lg viewty but mine has a switch to open the camera,right on the bottom of the camera ,but so far not one picture has the same switch so can someone tell me if i have a different phone or i have a different version or anything like that.thanks and good bye.

  23. Megs says:

    i like how the zoom wheel at the back, spin to scroll down your songs and contacts etc.
    and my dog chewed my mobile charger so my friend, just went on youtube and got a new charger for me for like £3. 🙂
    i think its a really good phone too (Y)

  24. Miss.Chloe says:

    Well basicaly im 12 and on a £20 a month contract got my phone on wednesday got it open all it came with was the phone charger and battery not even the stick thing or manual i couldnt believe it do u reckon if they don’t give it me free i should sue tell me NEVER GET YOUR PHONE FROM PHONES 4 YOU THEY ARE RUBBISH MY FIEND GT A PHONE COME WITH THE NUMBER 4 BUTTON MISSING

  25. jemma says:

    i love my lg viewty phone the only thing im dissapointed about is getting photos from the phone to the laptop is a real task n i still cant do it other than that u cant fault the phone

  26. ellenn. says:

    i bought my phone from phones 4 you and was disapointed to find that the only thing in the box was the phone. i thought maybe the earphones and usb cable would come with it. can you tell me if the usb cable and earphones are ment to be in the box or you have to buy them seperately.
    thanks 🙂

  27. my LG viewty is being delivered tomorrow and from reading the comments i am hoping that ALL the stuff comes with it coz i dont want to pay more money for the stuff 😐

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