Packet8 MobileTalk: 8×8 new Mobile VoIP service for Windows, Symbian or Palm based phones

Lovers of VoIP will love this latest news, 8×8 have recently unveiled a brand new user friendly mobile calling services that will offer users one of the best high-quality digital voice for overseas calling and the best thing of all it is very affordable.

The new service called Packet8 MobileTalk will use a downloadable software app that will be compatible with any Windows, Symbian or Palm based mobile phone, this new software will allow such users to dial a directly from their mobile phones which will then automatically identify the international prefix and redirects the call to a local Packet8 network access number.

This is great news because all the calls are carried to the new Packet8 network over the subscriber’s existing cellular voice phone service, oh and you do not need access to a monthly data plan or WiFi access point.

As we all know many mobile phone users avoid placing overseas calls from their mobile phone because it is way too expensive that many people cannot afford but now with the new Packet8 MobileTalk subscribers will definitely see a new light and think twice about calling say such places for example like Europe or Asia because instead of the $1.00 to $3.00 per minute we know the $0.02 to $0.05 per minute using the Packet8 network is a good choice.

Would you use this new service?

Source — Packet8 MobileTalk


2 thoughts on “Packet8 MobileTalk: 8×8 new Mobile VoIP service for Windows, Symbian or Palm based phones”

  1. Quality of sound after extraction.

    I do not need stupid video – only audio.
    I am going to buy drmbuster (seems drmbuster.com or .net or so), but desire to know yours as proud Dones (i presume specialists are here!) knowledge for this.
    Is this some kind of popular software?
    Author promised fast conversion (my trial do it really fast), but short 🙁 and original quality. Is it possibile?

    Or any other perfect tool you would like to recommend?

    Sorry, if incorrect discussion – I’m newb to forum systems 🙁

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