LG Viewty KU990 functionality and usability: Hands on review part 2

Following on from the LG Viewty KU990 out of the box & Photos: Hands on review part 1 review (READ) we did exactly one week ago and as promised we would give you more reviews about this amazing mobile phone and when we say amazing we mean amazing, we really do mean this because if we had problems you would be the first to know about it.

So far so good when it comes to the LG Viewty KU990 and today’s hands on review is about what we think of functionality and usability. When we received this mobile phone the first thing that is obvious we switched it on and being me did not read any of the manuals for at least two days because my motto is have a play around and when stuck then get the manual out.

When I switched the phone on there were a few set ups needed doing first like the time and date but once all this was done the phone was ready to go DAMN what the heck was that! I just pressed the touchscreen button and it vibrated my finger and what a weird feeling but cool nether the less, this vibration when pressing the icon on the touchscreen is all thanks to the Haptic feedback technology, it is to give you the real feeling as pressing a real button (Very cool indeed, I love it very much).

Watching a fair few videos before getting this phone made me wonder if the touchscreen was any good at all because people seemed to be pressing the screen a number of times to open an application, as far as I am concerned I have had no troubles whatsoever and love the whole feel, it is smooth, prompt and very much easy to use. I let a few people have a play around with the screen functions and not one person flawed it, in fact all I got was responses like “Let me have it, I want it go get another one”, so that says it all really about how much LG Viewty KU990 is much loved.

I will be personally reviewing this phone over the next few weeks if not more to give you an in depth knowledge, first of all lets chat about the messaging. At the bottom of the screen there are four icons which are menu, making calls, messaging and contacts and it the third icon along which is the messaging which once pressed opens up revealing a number of options like Create new message, Inbox, Email, Drafts, Outbox, Sent Items etc.

So I thought ok why not try sending someone a message and let me say I am not the best person when it comes to SMS texts, now pressing the Create new message opens a screen that says Message or email and so I pressed message which then opens up where you can either type in your message the conventional way using the touchscreen numeric keypad or either handwriting screen, handwriting box and my personal favourite which is the keyboard, the reason this is my favourite is because it has a superb QWERTY layout which even for me can send text message at fast speeds, ok I know I will not do the 80 odd words a minute that I can do on a full size keyboard but it is not far from it. All in all it is the QWERTY keyboard that is the most exciting for text freaks.

After I sent a few messages it was on to the putting music on the LG Viewty to see how it pans out, the LG Viewty did not come with a microSD card so I went out and bought one which only cost me £20 for 2GB (You can get this much cheaper if you shop around). Instead of using the software that came with the phone to transfer music from my PC to the Viewty I just used the microSD card adaptor which is so easy to use, just plug it in a card slot on the PC and wait for the folder to open, then I created a folder called music and just dragged my music from the PC into that folder, so simple it is unreal.

After putting the microSD card back in the LG Viewty which is my main concern, the reason I say main concern is because the card slot is located inside the phone behind the battery which means each time you wish to take the card out you have to take the back cover off, then the battery to get to it, but please do not let that worry you because the whole of the phone and the way it works will make you forget about this slight problem.

Right now the microSD card is in the LG Viewty KU990 and wish to listen to music, to do this just press the menu icon which opens up showing some icons and buttons on the right, on the right you will see 4 icons showing vertically of which you need to press the second one down, once this is pressed you will see more icons, just click the one that says “Music” it is that simple. You can choose music by recently played, all tracks, playlist, artist, albums genres or shuffle tracks. No need to go into great detail because all I need to say it is superb.

No point in letting you all know about this phone in one review because it is nice to do separate reviews which are more interesting, I have not stopped playing with this phone because it is one of the best I have come across. I have briefly played with the Apple iPhone and to tell you the honest truth I do prefer the LG Viewty KU990 because of the style and simplicity oh and it is cheaper.

I am using this phone all the time now for personal and business so obviously I need internet and email and to me the phone is useless without these, at first had problems getting on the internet when I pressed the browser icon, I tried once then again and again but to no avail. Damn no internet so I phone up my network and they said it will be impossible to get on the net because I need software, now this really did tick me off but thanks to a good friend/source he helped me and now the internet browsing works fine.

Ok so how good is the internet browsing on the LG Viewty? Well in simple terms “Brilliant”, below you will see some pictures of Phones Review on the Viewty. You can zoom in and out and even pin point what part of the page you wish to read which will zoom in on that desired part you have chosen.

Can I actually find anything wrong with this mobile phone? The answer so far is a big fat “NO”.

Moving on and last of all for this review at least is the camera and video which will have a more in depth review pretty soon, but briefly and for now must say the camera is just amazing, crystal clear images and so many options in the camera menu. The video is just as impressive especially the 120 fps bit which takes recordings and plays them back in slow motion.

Phones Review Summary: The LG Viewty KU990 so far one week on is nothing better than the best phone I have ever used in my life and yes I would go as far as definitely recommending it to everyone.

Whilst waiting for the next installment of the LG Viewty KU990 which will be “Part 3” please do take your time to visit ours friends who have plenty of information just for you. First of you can visit the Viewty microsite http://viewty.lgmobile.com/ and secondly please do visit the LG Blog http://www.lgblog.co.uk

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37 thoughts on “LG Viewty KU990 functionality and usability: Hands on review part 2”

  1. CyberChick says:

    I was waiting for the sony w960i to be released but got so fed up of waiting decided to get the viewty. It was a little scary going from a Sony brand to an LG, but im really happy!. Its such a cool phone the sound quality is great the camera and video features are ausome and I love the fast texting, Oh and the slow motion feature is fantastic. Im glad I took the risk. If I could think of one little downfall it would be no wi-fi, but I can buy Internet add ons so not a major problemo. The viewty is a beauty !

  2. JAZZY says:

    – There are “known” non – syncing, Vista operating system problems/bugs which affect certain builds of vista (32bit and 64bit)
    The jog dial controlling the zoom function on the web browser needs a complete re-think – unless the scroll down bar is made big enough to move with yourfinger or supplied pointer!

  3. tonimaroni says:

    – the ku990 is an amazing phone. nevertheless it’s not really fair to say there is no bug… usb connection is horrible. syncronise via the included software takes about 30 seconds for a ‘normal’ mp3 song with 3-4mb. and you can sync just one song at once… what a crap. you don’t really need it a lot: but scrolling is crapy too and just possible with the zoombutton. maybe lg rewrites its software or softwaredriver or whatever needed to correct at least a better usb support. hopefully.

  4. Mel says:

    Im looking for a phone with a 5 megapixel, slim, touchscreen and wifi..This is almost perfect.The closest competitor is tytnII.The only thing i don’t like with TYTN II is the 3 megapixel camera since i prefer atleast 5..How’s the internet surfing of this? Can that be used like n95 as a modem to a laptop too? My only concern is the wifi.Have you tried buying an sd wifi adaptor? does it work? tnx

  5. Mosey says:

    I have just received this phone in the post! 😀 I’d be very interested in an SD wifi adaptor too since this will definitely extend the functionality of the phone!

  6. Are there any news regarding the MicroSD WiFi Card? Is it possible to use this card with the Viewty, so that we can surf via W-Lan??
    Thanks for fast information!


  7. martin says:

    Josh, its a preparatory jack with an extension which makes it a standard headphone jack

    dean, if the wifi card works, then no you cant have expanded memory, and yes it does have a qwerty keyboard, have you even looked at the phone? lol

  8. Sed says:

    I was thinking of buying this phone on ebay-locked to 3network in uk, I’m in Ireland, want it unlocked and then also want to access the web, you said your network provider said you couldn’t get web access, through a friend you did, can you explain how?

  9. Will says:

    Only problem I have with the Viewty is the USB connection, I don’t have an SD card yet so uploading tracks to the phone is a painful process. Other than that this is a quality piece of kit, I’d recommend it to anyone

  10. @Bijan
    The reason for the “Flashing” is because of your phones mobile charger. (Is the phone flashing when charging? If so) You need to find yourself the new model charger for the Viewty (KU990) as the one your probaly using is not suitable for the viewty as the power output is too little. This is only for old versions of the phone package. Ask your Provider for a suitable charger for your mobile.

    Good Luck!

    Yes the viewty does have a QWERT keyboard. Access it by writing a msg and touching the Block at the top of the screen with a pen image on it.

    Firstly you can edit the vibration by going to profiles (in the menu) and getting into the options settings for the profiles. There you can edit the vibration on/off/custom. Your keyboard is there. You need to find it. Read the phone manual or read above this text I told dean about it.

    Any problems? Admin@blackslash.net

  11. Joe says:

    Hey i was woundering is the only way to get Wi-Fi on the phone just by an Micro-SD becuase I would of thought you would of been able to go on it straight away by a built in one:/ Please help or somthing thanks;)

  12. rama says:

    Someone please help me, The QWERTY keyboard only can be use in writing text message, i cant see the keyboard option when enter text in browser, or search a name in a phonebook….

  13. naushad sheikh says:

    my lg is giving me an alert at 3.30am once in a while.
    its like a messaging alert- without any message being received then it shows me past missed calls and past text messages
    can anyone please tell me what this is as its really annoying at that hour

  14. Mel says:

    My phone did not come with software for PC so forced and no microSD card slot on my computer. Therefore forced to download via USB which has been terrible. For some reason when downloaded video and unplugged usb, after one play of the video the phone seems to disconnect from the music/video stored on the memory card (so shows as though there is no memory card inserted). Have to take off the back of the phone and reinsert the card to get it to load up again. I’ve bought two of these phones (one as a present for my parther) and the fault is the same on both phones. Does anyone know why this is?

    Also my computer won’t always pick up the USB details of the phone. HELP. I really liked this phone until I tried transferring music/video and now I’m finding it just frustrating.

    The LG Shine won’t transfer music at all even though its supposed. Are these phones that just look pretty?????

  15. Andy says:

    How did you get the internet working? Did you use Opera Mini and does it work well on it, because I’m interested in buying either the viewty or the cookie, but I want the 3g so i’ll probably go for the viewty.
    Also, does it work well as a modem?

  16. matt says:

    i recently perchased the viewty on orange network and everything is fine i expanded the memory to 2gb and got a protective case, usb connect is useless and only works as mass storage not using lg software, lost my broadband the other day so was forced to use my phone as a modem connected 1st time by bluetooth and had no connection faults sadly dont have 3g in my area so wasnt that fast, exelent camera and media player. just yesterday i used divx converter and converted a full movie so would play on the phone picture and sound quality is exelent. i give this phone 100%

  17. suey says:

    I have bouht lg bluetooth that is compatible with lg viewty lite that I have, but I have been told I need to d/load a driver so I can listen to music through the bluetooth headset? anyone know what driver and where I can down load it?

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