Orange Flybox announced the new broadband router with built-in SIM card via mobile

Oh yes a brand new service baby but what is it? We all love brand new services to do with mobiles, broadband and branded names like Orange. There is a new kid on the block which is the baby of Orange.

Orange have just announced that they want to reach out to consumers that cannot get an ADSL connection, so what they have done is launched a brand new broadband router with built-in SIM card.

Orange Flybox pic 2

The name is called the Flybox and this new device which you can see in the photos will offer all consumers anywhere over the 3 kilometres range of the exchange which will give you the chance to get broadband connection whatever your fixed line are offering you.

This is fantastic news if you are still waiting to get very fast broadband connection at home in the UK, ok this is all good but how does this all work? Well in the same way as the company’s Livebox it will offer you four LAN sockets, Wi-Fi and even the

Orange Flybox pic 3

The device, which works in a similar way to the company’s Livebox offering will offer, ability to connect a regular phone to the device that will work on the mobile SIM card. The connection speed on the Flybox offers broadband internet access at speeds of up to 1Mbps which is pretty impressive plus a voice line with a mobile or even a fixed number plus a home or offer network with shared internet connection. This brand new device will be available in Spain in January 2008 and in the UK sometime later in the year.


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  1. I am from the UK but spend a lot of time in Spain. Unfortunatly where I live I am unable to have a landline or broadband so I opted for orange mobile broadband in Spain that works fine but better in some parts of the house than others.

    I was looking for a way to convert the orange dongle into a wifi connection so I could put it in the part of the house with the best connection and also enable me to access the dongle from more than 1 computer at a time.

    After some searching I found a way to do this using a wireless router with a usb port for the orange dongle.

    The one that seemed to fit the bill for me was a dovado 4gr but at 160 euros it was not cheap. I am currently awaiting delivery and will update you on how it works.

  2. Robert says:

    i heard that in Spain, a company called Direct Telecom are in the process of launching a 5GB or a 10GB unrestricted 3G service….i looked on their site, but there is no news yet. Thats what they told me on the phone. there are some devices out there in the field being tested. It seems they are jumping on the network of one of the main 3 operators, but they are using their own Internet network which is not influenced by the signal carrier. I am impatient to see what it is all about because I too cannot even get a land line in the house, so I always look forward to see what these guys come out with. They do their homework well, and what they do they do well, so fingers crossed.

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