Apple iPhone 3G version confirmed by AT&T: guaranteed for 2008!

The Apple iPhone 3G version right now is one we really need to chat about, no one new when this will be coming and there were no definite answers on when we would roughly get the new 3G iPhone, but now we have some great news that may excite you my dear friends.

It has now been reported that the Apple iPhone 3G version has been confirmed by AT&T and the long awaited mobile device is guaranteed for 2008, AT&T have confirmed the 3G iPhone version and the main man CEO Randall Stephenson said “You’ll have it next year”.

AT&T who are the official partners for the Apple iPhone operate an HSPA network which gives speeds up to 3.6Mbps are possible in reality.

Source – MacNN

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One thought on “Apple iPhone 3G version confirmed by AT&T: guaranteed for 2008!”

  1. Finally Apple and AT&T have initiated a true stop for all of the iPhone unlockers out there. You want to unlock our phone? Have at it, and be stuck on EDGE with Tmobile. Oh, you want 3G? Welcome to Cingular, the New AT&T and our ridiculously high data charges. You’re going to pay for these and love it, because Steve Jobs has finally delivered with the iPhone 3G.

    As for the guys across the pond, it’s really a lost cause, heck, the EU is probably going to force everyone to unlock that bad-boy anyway.

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