BT Mango Twin Home Phone with Answer Machine

Lighten up your home with this stylish and brightly coloured twin home phone set, the Mango from BT in white with and orange trim that really makes it stand out. What’s more is the fashionable BT Mango comes installed with many superb features such as Digital cordless telephone, 50 call log, caller ID type 2, 20 last number redial, up to 72 hours standby, up to 9 hours talk time, 225 name and number memory, and loads more you can locate in the list below the image.

Argos are selling the BT Mango Twin at the outstanding price of £39.97 that half the original selling price of £79.95, what a great saving, and it usually be delivered in 2 working days, or reserved for store collection subject to stock status.

BT Mango Twin

·         5 monophonic ring tones.

·         10 polyphonic ring tones.

·         Ringer volume control on base and handset.

·         11 minutes answer-phone with remote access.

·         SMS.

·         Hands free/speakerphone.

·         Message playback from handset.

·         SIM card reader and SIM card writer.

·         Secrecy button.

·         Call timer.

·         4 line inverse black and white illuminated LCD display.

·         Alarm.

·         Clock.

·         Incoming ring personalisation.

·         Keypad lock. 

For more information on the BT Mango Twin or if you wish to buy please click here

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6 thoughts on “BT Mango Twin Home Phone with Answer Machine”

  1. R Young says:

    The Mango is good but one annoying thing is that when there is a power cut the YEAR changes back to 2006. A consequence of this is that the answer phone gives you the equivalent day of the week to 2006. So if the message was left on 2nd December (Sunday) 2007 it would tell you that a message was left on Saturday! The BT help line will not believe me, and I’ve had no response from suncorptech.com!

  2. bob lydon says:

    this phone keeps dropping calls and was unable to access messages from handset but could phone in and retrive messages kept resetting phone would work for while and then problems would reoccur had enough and changed phone would not recommend this phone

  3. Natalie says:

    Would not recommend this phone….It has a habit of ringing and then when you go to answer it the battery dies completely even though it in the charging cradle and it previously said that the battery was full….VERY annoying!

  4. ian says:

    nice phone but problems with the handsfree the volume is poor
    i do not think it charges up as Natalie above states it does not hold its charge

    save your cash get a pigeon

  5. Lukas says:

    I have had nothing but problems since the day I bought my (black) Mango phone. Yes it is a funky design, but apart from the fact that after extended use the bulky design gets on your nerves, I have had numerous operational problems, which have included 1) poor conversation volume, 2) when the phone rings sometimes it just cut out meaning you couldn’t pick up the call (yet the handset continued to ring!), 3) handset wouldn’t fit into the base properly and wouldn’t charge on numerous occasions, 4) not a user-friendly set up at all, especially retrieving and manipulating voicemails, 5) time/date details reset completely after a power cut, etc. The list goes on and on. Most worryingly of all, power to the base and handset now seems to have gone completely (and it’s not a fuse/power problem!) Interesting to read these other comments, as it sounds like I’m not the only person this has happened to! Am going to replace my phone today – whatever you do DON’T buy one of these!!!

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