LG KG920 mobile phone in Silver on offer at Carphone Warehouse with Orange

Need a great mobile phone with a large pixel camera? Then look no further than the LG KG920 for it has a great 5.0 megapixel camera inside a slim and sleek 18mm wide design casing that also hides some great other features. You will find photo features such as high quality video recording and strobe flash along with auto-focus lens.

The LG KG920 has a great twist-screen design that makes portrait photos really easy, and has a handy little rocker key next to the keypad. Also with the W300i comes yet more great features to make life simpler such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB connection, MP3 player and an expendably memory

Grab hold of the LG KG300i at the Carphone Warehouse now as they have it on offer with the Orange network with a tariff of — Racoon – £35 — 18 months, 700 minutes and 100 texts plus unlimited minutes, Orange Wednesdays, and Magic Number.

  • Faster data with GPRS
  • Bluetooth
  • WAP
  • Camera phone
  • Music player
  • Polyphonic ringtones
  • Colour screen
  • Picture messaging
  • Vibrating alert

For further information and to purchase the LG KG300i please go to the Carphone Warehouse

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2 thoughts on “LG KG920 mobile phone in Silver on offer at Carphone Warehouse with Orange”

  1. Sun says:

    1) it does not work in Windows vista and there are no drivers or firmware updates for it.
    2) Support persons are completely useless. they are just clue less about it. Idiots!
    3) Phone wont let u use its internal memory. Only the external memory.Which is VERY slow.
    4) This phone has more of HAVE NOTS rather than HAVEs
    5) Still a long way to go for LG to make a really usable and user friendly phone.
    6) Complete wastage of money.

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