Mobile phones used as a wallet web video: Would you use this system?

Following on from the news of the Oyster card set up via mobile phones (Link 1Link 2) we have some more news that may interest you. We were sent an email from digitalnewsagency.com of a web video showing all about this new set up and it seems that it is the UK’s first large scale pilot of NFC (Near Field Communications) on mobile phones which as had its major launch.

Basically and to put it into simple terms as not too bore you the new system will allow mobile phones to act as a wallet such as an Oyster card or electronic cash.

You will be able to use your mobile phone for traveling and purchasing products by swiping your mobile phone in front of electronic devices. The video below shows all in more detail, please do watch carefully and let us know what your views are on this all new system.

Phones Review Say — We love this new system because it means you never need get cash or credit/debit card out which is fantastic, but on the other hand it has been said to only use your phone in public if you really need to because of mobile phone thefts.

So is this new setup a good thing or a bad thing, it is kind of a catch 22 question really.

We wish to say thanks to digitalnewsagency.com for providing us with the web video below, please watch and enjoys, and please do come back and comment.

Official Site of video – Source

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