iPhones for one dollar in Canada at Dollorama stores: This is not a hoax

Ha ha people really think this is a hoax, come on iPhones for one Canadian dollar, yeah right. Well it is true my dear readers. Apple has yet to make an announcement on the Canadian version of the Apple iPhone but people have already seen iPhones being sold for one dollar.

Ok yes there is something wrong here and the full story is that the iPhones are a cheap $1 headphones which are manufactured by a little known company called Electra (Who?). They supply the Dollarama bargain stores chain that’s all we know about Electra.

Someone called Comwave are using the name to promote its VoIP phone services, please oh please oh please if you come across these headsets we really want to know more and we do say buy them and then frame them, do not use them just frame them because these will become collector items and the reason for that is they will not be on sale for long.

Do we smell a lawsuit coming?

Source — iPhone World

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