Nokia patent most unique swivelling camera phone: 6 megapixels will excite

5 megapixel camera phones are cool but what about 6 MP my little darlings, a new patent from giants Nokia has recently been published which oh yes reveals the cool Nokia cameraphone plan which indeed will be futuristic.

The whole design of the new phone will excite because the design will have the camera mounted in a bar which is mounted on top of the handset which will also swivel.

Ok we know that there are swivel camera phones but this one would mean you could point the camera to capture photos to face both inwards for pictures of yourself and of course answer video calls and outwards for getting normal everyday images.

Nokia patent most unique swivelling camera phone main pic

It also means that the camera would be well protected; Nokia states that the more advanced sensors and lenses could be used.

We do not know much more on this phone from Nokia and we do not know if this phone will ever hit the market but if it does there are talks of it having 6 megapixels at least.

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Source – Electronista

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