Jajah VoIP provider releases cheap international calls via Apple iPhone

Do you want to make Apple iPhone international calls cheaper? Hey why make expensive calls via your shiny Apple iPhone when you can get them a lot cheaper, so does this mean you will not be skint anymore.

Jajah the VoIP provider have just released a new web application that will make international calls on an iPhone without you being skint, the new Jajah web app will look like the iPhone’s dial pad and it will use an address book to store contacts, so after selecting the desired person you wish to call things will get a little sexy baby.

Let me break it down for you so you can understand how sexy this new iPhone app is, right choose the person you wish to call then Jajah will call you back and will act so to speak as the middleman, it will then use VoIP to connect you to the other party’s landline.

Ok you are still using your network minutes on top of Jajah’s VoIP rates, but it makes no sense what so ever to use this new app for calls within the US. This new option is what we would call convenient; the cool thing is that members may call other Jajah members for free without paying for the VoIP service fee.

Is the Jajah product perfect? Well we will have to wait and see.

Source – Jajah

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