Sony Ericsson camera phones may possibly get patent gesture control

The mobile phone cameras of today’s phones don’t really add up to much and are somewhat basic; however, a recent patent application by Sony Ericsson may just make them a tad more worthwhile.

The patent suggests a scenario where the user input commands simple by gesturing in front of the lens to which the phones can then decode certain gestures and react accordingly. This suggests that once done one could possibly answer a phone call from the other side of the room with a simple flick of the wrist (in hands-free fashion), furthermore tracks streaming over Bluetooth may possibly be controlled via just waving your hand matter-of-factly.

Obviously users of this gesture control will still need their mobile phone within sight so it can pick up on their gestures, but this seems to be a good idea and a step towards the future in hands-free mobile phones.

Sony Ericsson patent gesture

Source — UnwiredView

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