Sony Ericsson PSP: Concept Phone

Do you love to play games on your mobile phone? Well although it’s only a concept design Sony Ericsson are bringing out a gamers mobile that looks like the Sony PSP.

I am not sure what the quality is like on the new phone but I am sure they will be nothing like the PSP!

In my opinion this is a silly design, why would people want to splash out on a gaming phone?

Do you think the Sony Ericsson gaming phone will be for you?



4 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson PSP: Concept Phone”

  1. It looks very nice, but I am not sure what the scale is? The PSP is a fair bit bigger than most mobiles, and there’s an obvious trade-off between size and screen quality. That said, the sliding mechanism looks very clever as a way of getting enough controls on such a small device.

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