N-Gage to launch next week, but not for everyone

Nokia launches it N-Gage software platform that delivers video games to Nokia’s N series users, next week; however there is a slight catch as it will only be for a select few, the owners of the N81. This is a marketing stunt that will anger some Nokia N series users no end, and probably have them spitting daggers at Nokia for being unfair to N95, N95 8GB, and N82 users. Not a good move for most of your customers Nokia, as it looks like you are giving preferential treatment to the N81 users!


Source — IntoMobile

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2 thoughts on “N-Gage to launch next week, but not for everyone”

  1. Rob says:

    No dickwad, they’re optimising the software and rolling it out slowly so that they get it right this time.

    They’ve marketed the N81 as a gaming phone, so as Nokia want to try and test their software phone by phone, it makes sense to do it on this hardware so that n81 users feel their money spent on ‘gaming’ hardware is justified.

    Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare.. If Nokia released n-gage across all handsets, it would be riddled with bugs and glitches which would pull in some very negative press. Exactly what N-gage doesn’t need this time round.

    Better safe than sorry?

    We only have a couple of extra weeks to wait for N-gage on our N95’s. Be patient. Let Nokia get it right.

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