Apple and BMW working together on the new iDrive system

BMW, the guys that know technology but somehow don’t really know how to make it simple to use have the iDrive control system which is again highly complex to use. The user has control over  a series of turns and twists yet the systems complexity has drawn every automotive reviewer in the world.

The latest of the rumour is BMW dropping iDrive in favour of an Apple designed control interface which makes some sense as Apple is well known for designing intuitive interfaces which can be controlled with easy basic actions, which is exactly what BMW’s iDrive needs. Just imagine being able to control your BMW’s systems all from your iPhone or iPod!


AutoSpies internal sources indicate that BMW may just implement an Apple type control system quite soon, maybe even with the next generation 7 series. So we’ll be keeping our eye on this one and update you when we find out more.

Source — AutoSpies

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