New Years Eve, text or not to text messaging nightmare, as usual most fail

As with every New Years Eve the text messages get hot and wild hitting the airwaves at a tremendous rate causing what appears to be a systems overload. At the strike of midnight busy fingers tap and hit send so their greetings of New Year will quickly flow to their friends and families.Unfortunately, but as usual text messages failed to hit their mark or took way too long to reach their destination.

AT&T’s Manhattan network clogged to a halt with masses of texts, most of which probably said “Happy New Year”, but hopefully the recipients all received their messages sometime on New Year’s Day.As the world of the mobile phone grows more and more rely on their text messaging service to keep in touch and to send those important texts.

So isn’t it about time the carrier’s take that bold step to increase capacity, or transfer SMS data via data networks other than the more traditional voice network. Maybe next New Year’s Eve some of the carrier’s will step up to the mark and make sure those texts actually hit the receiver on schedule.

Source — Intomobile

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