NewerTech reveals six iPhone accessories

NewerTech is about to debut six, yes that’ six products for the iPhone at Macworld on January 15th, although all except the dock are available to purchase now. Amongst the products is the speaker dock with hands-free microphone which includes two 2-watt speakers and improved microphone which actually doubles as a charger as well when you iPhone is docked, there are also a couple of buttons and all for the low price of just $35.00.


Then there is a $20.00 hands-free microphone with ear-buds with a 39 inch cable and shirt attachment; a $15.00 microphone extender with a 27 inch cable which allows you to use your iPhone hands-free via the ear-buds. There is also an $8.00 headphone adapter to drown and sort out the iPhone’s recessed jack. And NewerTech finishes off its iPhone collection with a set of buds that have passive noise reduction at $20.00 and are said to reduce noise up to 42 decibels, and furthermore there is a car charger for mobile charging at $13.00.

Source — Thomas-pr

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