Apple iPhone with new wobbling icons to mimic user movements: in 1.1.3 firmware

It has been reported that back in August 2007 Apple applied for a patent application for a new wobbling iPhone icons; these are basically icons that can be thrown around to mimic the user’s movements.

We heard about this a while back (2nd of Jan 2008 to be precise) over at hrmpf.com, there is evidence that backs up the authenticity of GearLive’s leaked iPhone 1.1.3 firmware photos and videos which were leaked over the weekend, it was hrmpf.com that found a patent application which was published in August 2007.

The patent shows the use of re-arranging the icons on the Apple iPhone which describes the varying positions and in that we mean wobbling of the icons which indicates the icons being moved by the user.

Check out the wobbling movement below

Apple iPhone wobbling patent application

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