The RTX Dualphone 3088 cordless Skype phone

This is the RTX Dualphone 3088 cordless phone which allows you to make calls via Skype or a land line without the need of a computer. It has a LCD display where you will see a list of your preferred Skype buddies who are currently online and with the phones easy functionality making Skype and Skype Out calls can’t be any simpler, all you need to do is select the contact or dial the number, and then take the option of either Skype Out or normal phone call.

The RTX Dualphone 3088 includes base, cordless handset and a charging dock, to use all you need to do is plug the base into your router and landline then plug the dock and handset inot a power socket and you’re ready to roll.

RTX Dualphone 3088

·         Skype Software is Upgradable Via Handset

·         Call Forwarding and Call Waiting

·         Broadband Router needed

·         DECT Communication between handset and base station (the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony standard)

·         Dialing via Internet: Skype to other Skype users free unlimited calls anywhere in the world Dialing via SkypeOut to standard telephone numbers

·         Dialing via PSTN (requires a telephone subscription with a telecommunications operator)

·         Distinctive ringing distinguishes between standard telephone and Internet calls ·         PC and Mac Compatible·         Range: Indoor up to 50 metres / outdoor up to 300 metres·         Talk time / Standby time: up to 6.5 hours / up to 100 hours

All instructions on how to use the RTX Dualphone are included making your experience easier.

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4 thoughts on “The RTX Dualphone 3088 cordless Skype phone”

  1. JP Berthoin says:

    This phone was great until it started developing a fault after about 10 months. When pressing any of the buttons, the handset would reset making it impossible to use.

    I contacted Skype whom I purchased it from but they gave me the runaround for 2 weeks by email with no facility to call them on a telephone number.

    Then I messaged Dualphone via their webform (they do not provide an email, or a postal address) and they never even replied to my email. Dualphone do offer some freephone numbers to call unless are you are based in the UK which is my case. Rather than call Denmark on my BT line, I have now given up.

    The customer relations of both Skype and Dualphone are appalling. All they are interested in is selling handsets. Forget any problems being solved after. So much for buying direct from the Skype Shop. And £95 it cost me too!

    So have decided to destroy the handset which reflects what I think of the treatment I got.

    Best avoid buying that handset and stick to one of the larger more respectable manufacturers.

  2. Rinfrance says:

    The phone works quite well, but skype and dual phone never answer, or you get silly comments. I am looking for a service to recommend, but it seems that whilst I will continue to use the skype phone I cannot recommend it due to lack of service. However, here in France ALL communications companies dont have any, service that is.
    Quote from a previous FT Regional Director:- “We ignore all complaints (on internet) as all our customers are idiots” Reiterated by the sales director at Ancenis.

  3. JW Reilly says:

    The Dualphone 3088 will cut off after 10 minutes and indicates no IP address. The website gives 2 troubleshooting tips which do not resolve the problem (changing to a static IP address and turning router on and off). Also, if you cannot have SKYPE active on your computer when you use the phone…the phone will cut off.

  4. rinfrance says:

    Response to JWreilly, I do have skype on the computer and mine does not shut off. That problem MAY be down to your router. What I have done though was have the computer on a fixed IP on the router.
    My probem is a “chop” on the signal, I am wondering, in the absence of any response from skype or dual is my problem due to the radio connection. Sad really, a bit of back up and the phone could be a market grabber, still I suppose they are making so much money they are not worried about a recession.

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