Samsung SPH-M800 mobile phone is getting ready for Sprint

CES 08 ends but Samsung continues at a quick pace by hinting that they may bring their new SPH-M800 mobile phone to Sprint’s number 3 network. Although the Samsung SOH-M800 resembles the F490, the SPH-M800 will unfortunately not have a 5 megapixel camera but instead it will have just a lowly 2 megapixel one. One the line up for this phone is an EVDO radio, Sprint Navigator GPS Location, Bluetooth A2DP, microSD expansion, and a Touch-screen similar in size to that of the SGH-F490 about 3.2 inch. As yet no availability or price is known but it is expected to be announced shortly.

Samsung SPH-M800

Source — Unwired View

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2 thoughts on “Samsung SPH-M800 mobile phone is getting ready for Sprint”

  1. tracielyn says:

    Hello I have one of ur Samsung SPH-M800 and I bought it off of a friend well I cannot get to work? does it come with a wand or pen? it mentioned about a memory chip do u have to have one in order to use the camera or view inside the camera, I will touch the home and it wont do anything.. Thanks

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