Apple gag O2: Please do not reveal sales figures of the iPhone

The Apple iPhone which is exclusive to O2 has been quite successful or has it? The reason we say this is because Apple have placed a gagging order to prevent the UK Carrier O2 company from revealing publicly how many Apple iPhone mobile phones they have sold to date.

The head of media relations Simon Lloyd told Register Hardware that it’s a stipulation within the company’s sales agreement with Apple that O2 can’t release any such details until the Mac maker says so. He also said that O2’s UK iPhone sales in the two weeks up to Christmas period were “in line” with its expectations. “We’re not releasing the physical number of handsets sold by O2,” he said. “We wait with interest to see what Steve Jobs says at Macworld.”

Obviously Carphone Warehouse who also sells the phone is under the same constraints.
Why are they keeping it secret, it does not make any sense?

Source — Register Hardware

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