Apple iPhone v1.1.3 jailbreak update: We must wait for official iPhone SDK

Ok so we have mentioned a few times about the jailbreak solution for the iPhone v1.1.3 well it has come to light that the jailbreak method was not ready for prime time use because we the normal people apparently have not got the mental know how in dealing with the jail breaking minutiae.

The latest update word in the world of news is that the iPhone Dev community have come up with the iPhone v1.1.3 jailbreak which we know about already which is the user friendly version, well to some that is, but unfortunately iPhone users will have to wait it seems until Apple releases the official iPhone SDK before we get the iPhone v1.1.3 jailbreak.

The reason behind this is that the iPhone Dev community do not want to patch the jailbreak exploit with the inevitable firmware update that should follow the release of the iPhone SDK, read the full story via iPhone Atlas.

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