Study links mobile phones to sleep disturbance

Research funded by the Mobile manufacturers Forum suggests the use of a mobile phone could actually stop you from getter a good night’s sleep, and apparently it isn’t only insomnia radiation the mobile phone can cause, along with this comes the confusion and headaches.


Apparently scientists closely studied 35 males and 36 females with the ages between 18 and 45, the outcome was that during lab exposure to 884MHz wireless signals certain aspects of sleep that are believed to be central to a good rest and recovery from the days rigors are harmfully affected.

Researcher Professor Bengt Ametz had this to say: “The study strongly suggests that mobile phone use is associated with specific changes in the areas of the brain responsible for activating and coordinating the stress system.”

So there you have it although it is only suggesting and not conclusive, so I guess it’s still up to the mobile user to decide whether they want to continue as they are or lose the mobile.

Source — BBC

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