Mobile phones will unlock your car: I tried it and it did not work?

Tried and Tested so read my story, Now the story is that you can unlock you car with your mobile phone if you have locked the keys inside, now ok it is fair to say if you lock your keys in your car it could be expensive to either break the window or call a lock smith, so how about using your mobile phone to unlock your car.

Ok so if your car is of the central locking sort then you have half the chance of unlocking your locked car with a mobile phone, follow these simple steps to make it work.

1. Call the person with the spare key
2. Hold your cell about a foot away from your car door
3. Have the person with the key to press the unlock button near their cell
4. Your car will unlock!

Right now I tried this on my BMW 5 series which of course has central locking, so the car is locked and I got my brother to stand near my car, I went for a walk about half a mile away I tried the above. Guess what after an hour of playing around it did not work.

Please have a go at this and see if it works for you, post your answers below in the comments box provided.

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7 thoughts on “Mobile phones will unlock your car: I tried it and it did not work?”

  1. pete thompson says:

    I tried it on a 1996 fiesta and realised it didn’t have remote locking, but I was then 1 mile from home so I’d first consider checking that you have remote locking before trying. my wife wasn’t impressed when I asked her to point her phone at the car while i pressed a non remote key down the phone!!

  2. Michelle Foster says:

    I have tried this today as my boss locked her keys in her Audi. She went home to get her spare set and she called me on my mobile from home and pressed the remote key down her phone whilst I stood outside her car holding my mobile phone next to the drivers side door. IT DID NOT WORK. and now I know…… its a load of hogwash.

  3. Michelle Foster says:

    I write with a hat in my mouth as I chew….. the reason my earlier attempt at unlocking the car did not work is because my bosses battery had run out in her key fob. We tried this again today with a key fob with a working battery……. AND IT WORKS. so, sorry for the earlier post.

  4. satyanarayan joshi says:

    i have Maruthi Alto LXI with centre locking system. I tried to unlock my car door with the help of mobile set, but it didnt work as per the procedure seen in the internet .

  5. Anoopdevaru says:

    hello my dear frnd… v can give the radio frequency to the mobile ryt… which hv the same frequncy of ur car central key hv… so that v can easily lock r unlock the door wt u say… anoopdevaru@gmail.com this is my email id… if it works pls tell me my dear frnds… 

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