Toshiba G920 joins the Toshiba G910 finally

Its official, Toshiba have at last announced there will two versions of the Portege, the G910 and G920; the G910 will come with Qualcomm’s gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology, the G920 will have A-GPS support for the network ops who offer the service.

Toshiba G920

Tosh, have at last got round to presenting all the details on their latest handsets, both the Protégé high end PocketPC and the G710 which is a Windows Mobile smartphone. Hopefully Toshiba’s Portege collection will be in for some hands on at the MWC in Barcelona in Feb.

Toshiba G920

Toshiba seem to have designed the Portege G910/G920 as a clamshell, probably to make it appear like a mini-laptop; it comes with HSDPA, 3G, Wi-Fi, along with integrated GPS receiver. Both handsets have the Qualcomm MSM7200 platform which is popular with HTC. Both devices will have a 3 inch touch-screen TFT WXGA display, and run on the Windows Mobile 6.0 Pro operating system.

Toshiba G920

Toshiba G920

It does appear that the once suggested 3 megapixel camera has been dropped and a 2 megapixel has been put in as replacement. Also missing on the Toshiba Portege G910/G920 is a UBS host; however they are equipped with biometric fingerprint scanner, along with VoIP and Bluetooth. The Toshiba Portege G910 should be in Europe in Q1 08 with a rough price set at EUR 600.

Source — gsmarena


3 thoughts on “Toshiba G920 joins the Toshiba G910 finally”

  1. Luis says:

    This would be a fantastic WM pda phone but it fails to do one of the most important tasks: being useable as a phone. If oyu are in a hurry and need to make a call be prepared to open the lid and use both hands to find the number even if you use the WM dial pad. Moreover the busy tone can hadly be heard and speaker and headphnes volume is very low. Apart form this the phone is a dream, the screen has even too much resolution that remains unexplited by most of the usual applications. It would suffice to allow to redial from call list, making it available to the user in the external mini screen to alleviate the problem of the useability. Hey toshiba could you add this in a sw update?

  2. alex says:

    i just got this phone for chrstmas and it is so easy to use for a phone and as a mini laptop it is great the only letdown was it can stick but all you do is take the battery out and put it back in.

  3. alex says:

    you can easily phone people by pressing the front circle button it is so easy to use and is worth the money with all of the gagets in it . i find that the volume can be good as you can change it buy pressing the arros on the keyboard.i love the way it has touching the screen.this phone can get scrached very easliy, it is hard to load the gps but it is amazing and exquizit

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