New Sony Ericsson W61S and W62S for Japan only: What about US and UK?

Sony Ericsson needs a kick in the backside, damn them people. Ok SE we love you really and dearly if you give us a look in the US and UK. Ok it seems that the new Sony Ericsson W61S and W62S is for Japan only, why do the Japanese get everything?

Anyway let me tell you about these phones, first of all there is the Sony Ericsson W61S slider which looks like a very cool Cyber-shot phone, the W61S features include a 5.1 megapixel camera with CMOS sensor which uses the same “Exmor” technology from Sony’s Pro Alpha DSLR, Kaokime Lite which auto adjusts brightness upon face detection for best possible facial tones, auto-focus, anti-shake, Smile Shutter Lite which is an auto shutter release upon detecting a smile plus 3x optical zoom.

The Sony Ericsson W61S also has EV-DO Rev, 2.8 inch 480×800 resolutions display which has the cool Reality MAX technology from Bravia, microSD slot, Bluetooth, TV-Out, GPS plus so much more.

Sony Ericsson W61S Image –

Sony Ericsson W61S

The Sony Ericsson W61S will be available in April 2008 with a choice of three colours which are Prism White, Spectrum Pink and Shadow Black.

Shall we move on to the Sony Ericsson W62S, this mobile phone is a global roaming handset which features a WQVGA 432×240 resolutions display, 2 megapixel camera and microSD slot. This phone will be available in Black-Rose, Silver-Leather and White-Lime.

Sony Ericsson W62S Image –

Sony Ericsson W62S

Now Sony Ericsson please listen carefully as we are going to say this once, please let Europe and America see these phones, oh and if you want us to give them a full hands on review which all our readers will see please do send us one of each. Our reviews will get our readers chatting in return letting you know if we should have them in Europe or America.

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32 thoughts on “New Sony Ericsson W61S and W62S for Japan only: What about US and UK?”

  1. Stuart Ablett says:

    I just got the Sony W61S phone today, May 3rd, 2008, it was just released here in Japan. It is a “Japanese” only phone, no bilingual, so I’ll have to read everything in Kanji etc, but is is very much set up like my last phone.

    So far, so good, the camera is very good, and smile shutter thing really does work, you point it at your subject, the camera finds their face, and when they smile, it takes a picture, neat.

    I’ll have to get myself a set of the bluetooth headphones when I can. Not cheap this phone, 36,000 yen, or there abouts, but the camera alone is worth a lot to me.


  2. Ross says:

    I am thinking of getting the W62s myself, the camera of the W61s is tempting but i like to have a bilingual phone as my Japanese is not the best, another thing about the 62 is the Talkman app. pretty much i can translate phrases from English to japanese and theoreticly vice versa.

    Not sure if 62 has the gps , but i have a handheld gps with english anyhow and the camera, oh the camera is so good on the 61 but why do the good camera phones not come bilingual?

    I know there is the other cybershot with docomo (5.something mega pixel) it is older, but I don’t like docomo. the Gsm thing is good but i think i may neet to get it unlocked to accept a prepaid sim from another country. does anyone know who can unlock Japanese phones? I think I was just about ready to get a phone before i started writing this….

    now I want to find out more.
    Japanese phones, what can i say you don’t get the information you want , and 9 times out of ten when you find out whats in the fine japanese print is not what you want to hear.
    some times can’t play downloaded mp3’s only ones bought from the service provider maybe from sony online music store seeing as this ones from sony.
    some phones don’t just plug in to a pc. you need a serial number and stuff and then use a program that comes with the phone to load stuff on.
    the micro sd will probably be formatted in such a way that you can’t load just any old file onto it and have the phone find it when it’s inserted.

    these are some things from my first go with a Japanese phone , sure it was waterproof and had digital compass but I didn’t like it much. it was a casio however and I have had prepaid for the past year, that phones another story,

    there are something cool about japanese phones, but nothing that i would rather over an iphone that worked in japan. or even my samsung slide phone from 3 years ago in Australia.

    1 seg sounds good but tv just isn’t that great anyway let alone wanting to watch it on the move.

    most phones are big

    as you might tell
    I don’t like the phone scene here yet

    maybe there just isn’t enough english information around
    I would love to do reviews of phones but ah well

    getting what you want in a japanese phone is not that easy. you either get some flashy new things .

  3. Ross says:

    and with those flashy things you trade off other stuff.
    a W61 with english
    I could so live with that.
    that would be such an easy choice.
    but for now if i get an error message in Japanese.
    well i won’t have a clue whats up
    and for the price you said i think I can afford to wait for some English availablity and hopefully a different brand just to spite sony and have the Gaijin market completly . thats what sony would of done with the 62 having english

  4. Kimberlee says:

    i really want the Sony Ericsson W61S!
    i am tempted to get it shipped over, why are they not coming over to england!?!
    can anyone give me a rough amount of how much it’ll cost, in pounds? ta very much x x

  5. Jason says:

    Just bought the w62 yesterday. After always going for the biggest screen and most gizmos, I decided I’d rather have something small and simple. Going small paid off in the end.

    The #1 thing that I fell in love with is that it has english predict. My old phone is over a year old, so maybe all the new phones these days have this, but I don’t know anyone who has it. So I’m going to assume it’s unique. Another cool thing is that I can set up a second time zone. So not only does it tell me the local time, but I can select another city in the world to display too.

    Those are the two big things that I am impressed with. Everytime I play with it, I like it more and more. The only draw back so far is the microSD support. I own a lot of different Sony electronics, and it was just nice to be able to use my MS Pro Stick in my all of my things, especially my cell phone. I’m not sure if SE made the switch permanent, or they chose to do it for the w61 and w62 models.

    Overall, the phone is great. If you are looking for a smaller phone, that seems simple but has a lot of hidden contents, I recommend the W62.

  6. Aimee says:

    Hey i want the Sony Ericsson W61s Pink but was bumed when i found out it was only sold in Japan & was wondering does anyone no where yuh can buy it in the UK.Thanks…xxx

  7. Ross says:

    For you guys that have bought a W62s, where did you get them from? I can’t seem to find any on the internet anywhere, not even the Japanese ebay. I’d really like to import one from japan seeing as they’re bilingual. Would they work on a UK network?

  8. All i care about is does it roam successfully? I’m living in Taiwan but it uses the same standard as North America for connectivity… i can live with the non-english, but, does it work outside of japan? 😀
    I saw the retail cost of this puppy at about 600usd when i was Osaka beginning of the month.

  9. luke s says:

    @ Phoebe

    Up to JPY30000. It’s a green one like in the photos. It was the best available in the line up at the time when I lost my old phone. Got it about a month ago. Good predictive text, excellent Japanese dictionary, music player, email. You can reach me theough sellername: stoltofthe80s on eBay Australia if you are interested.

  10. DJ Kris Fresh says:

    The w61s is NOT available outside of Japan. Even if you could buy one and get it out of Japan, it’s using Japan’s own proprietary network, it’s not a world phone, so it doesn’t work anywhere else except Japan. I’m disappointed also.

  11. angelica says:

    i hope they will make those phones bilingual so they can be used and be understood in other countries… i love to have it so much but i can’t read japanese . 🙁

  12. Taylor says:

    i’m wondering if the SE W61s is gona be sold in Hong Kong….. i need a reli gud phone…becuz i keep a phone for like 3 years…i don’t change my phone that much… how much would it be in Hong Kong…..and does it come in english…??? Please & Thank You!!!

  13. Wasabi says:

    Hi i got a Sony Ericsson W61S in Japan and now i`m living outside in Canada but seems to be very difficult to get this phone unlock. Could anyone help me? cause i really want my phone back..How can i unlock this phone? is that possible?..

    1. Philip Tolentino says:

      Are you a Filipino? have you got you W62S unlocked? I'm asking you because I'm planning to buy a W61S. I'll be going back by the end of August.

  14. Pagna says:

    Hi everybody,
    I have a problem with my phone Win w61s.
    Can someone tell me how to change from Japanese to English?
    Because i don't the Japaneses even a word.
    Please help me.

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