Facebook launch new mobile platform: Vodafone partnership in the UK

It has just been said that Facebook have launched a new mobile platform for wireless operators that will allow all Facebook subscribers to connect with the social network via their mobile phone easy.

Facebook have just signed Vodafone who are the largest of European carriers and indeed the first signatory to use the Facebook for Mobile Operators reports reports Jeremy Kirk of IDG News Service of Infoworld. According to Facebook’s director of mobile division, Jed.


We all know that you can access Facebook the social network via your mobile phone through Web browsers, the Mobile Operators platform is meant to enable carriers to program their users’ phones to ensure more seamless interaction with the service which we can see being what everyone will just love.

Many people have had connection problems and bugs when using their mobile phones to get onto the social network, but it seems all this will be a thing of the past. To read the full story, please visit the source below who are Mashable.

Source – Mashable

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