iPhone 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 with v4.6 Bootloader, unlock solution software

If you have an earlier version of Apple’s iPhone that has Bootloader v3.9 you have already got a software unlock solution in anySIM 1.3, but if you’ve just purchased a new iPhone and came out of the box with v1.1.2 or v1.1.3 firmware then you are out’a luck.

v4.6 Bootloader

But don’t fret too much, remember kid genius GeoHot who originally made breakthroughs in unlocking the iphone and received a couple of handsets along with a sports car? You do? Well the same guy has been having another bash at unlocking iPhones with v4.6 Bootloader, and guesses what? Yep, you’ve guessed it, good ole George Hotz has cracked it yet again; the newer iPhones running v4.6 Bootloader are now un-lockable.

The iPhone hacking community has been stumped with the v4.6 Bootloader, but GoeHot has announced he’s found a new iPhone exploit, and to save me actually going into all the technical details and completely confusing myself, if you want to know how the solution works simply follow the source.

Source — TUAW

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