Comfort is a handset called Soft Phone

Not everyone wants or need a be-all-end-all mobile phone that can do virtually everything under the sun (nice thought I know) however there are a few that all they really require is a super convenient mobile handset. But here we have a concept that has its priorities in comfort and portability rather than the features packed power processing smartphones.

Soft Phone

Soft Phone

The concept is called the “Soft Phone” from Qain Jiang which uses a collection of flexible rings with a taut electronic fabric within; the material fibres are so slim and optically clear they actually allow light to filter through and create a unique simple display. A full QWERTI keyboard is inside this clever collapsible handset which is showed when opened.Soft Phone 

Soft Phone 

This “Soft Phone” concept is certainly a clever and interesting idea, and if it should come about in the future would create some serious impact of the future designs of mobile handsets.

Source — yankodesign 

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