Live concert offer via your mobile phone hoping to sell CDs

Maybe CD sales are flagging a tad and you need a way of boosting sales, so what can you do? Well Bo hr Hansen & Nils Lassen, a Danish music-poetry duo have come up with this novel idea of promotion. If you buy one of their CD’s you get an invite to listen in on one of their live concerts via your phone


Now we are under the assumption that this takes in mobile handset as well, but if you are tempted to take up their offer make sure your unlimited wireless plan is used or it’s sure going to hit your wallet.

So just how do you receive this live concert listen-in invite? Simple, purchase one of Bo hr Hansen & Nils Lassen’s CD’s, snap an image of you holding up the CD album on your mobile then MMS the image to them. When they see your image you will be sent the invitation.

One way to boost CD sales I suppose, the gimmicks people come up with to turn some cash, still if it works then why not.

Source — textually

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