Mozilla Firefox release Firefox mobile by end of 08

Yeah it’s a pity Mozilla has to work with carriers before it can launch Firefox Mobile browser, but it doesn’t mean the release will be delayed, which is set for the end of 2008. Unfortunately for operators bringing the more desktop style browsing experience could possibly lead to mobile operators end up becoming a “dump pipe” where operator services are simply viewed as a means of accessing the net.

Firefox mobile

The future of mobile operators lies with serving up binary bits to smartphones to make our surfing that much easier. Head of Mozilla’s mobile engineering group in Copenhagen, Christian Sejersen said: “I think that some carriers will basically fight this kicking and screaming, and some will embrace it and move ahead quickly.”There’s plenty of room for improvement within mobile browser space, incumbents such as Nokia, Apple, and Opera may have a head start but it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for anyone else.

Source — pcworld 


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