Apple users have to wait till June for iPhone 2.0 software update

Now this one will surely make you spit your dummy out and stamp your feet, Apple have teased out quite a bit really when it comes to the glorious SDK features and apps, well Apple have just kicked us in the teeth again for good measure.

No one will be getting any of these new features until the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod touch 2.0 software update which arrives as a free update in June, oh and it includes App Store.

There will on the other hand be selected developers that will have the chance at a beta version of 2.0 to test their new applications out, “someone is going to crack and hack it”, sorry just a thought.

Anyway just in case you do not know anything about the Apple iPhone 2.0 software update, it will basically bring things like parental controls like for example giving parents the opportunity to turn Safari off or App Store to keep those children safe. It will also boost mail functionality with PowerPoint viewing and mass message moving / deleting and so much more.

Come on June.


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