PK: Phantom Duck mobile game released by Disney

There have been some reports of five new mobile games coming out from the Disney stable, but now Disney has officially announced the availability of PK: Phantom Duck for the mobile. PK: Phantom Duck is based on the legendary comic book, and its main character being the darker side of Donald Duck.

The mobile game brings a combination of action packed game play with comic story line, and concentrates on the dark avenger whose mission is to protect Duckburg from Ma Beagle and her boys. PK: Phantom Duck has the mobile gamer fighting off an array of enemies such as flying robots, security robots, and boss battles with Ma beagle’s boys, and much more besides.

Disney’s PK: Phantom Duck has fourteen physics-bases puzzle levels which allow the gamer to use their brain to outsmart their foe.  There are also secret hidden zones to discover as well as bonuses, and one really good feature is every time the gamer plays he is faced with a new challenge as they are not allowed to play the same game twice.Disney’s PK: Phantom Duck is available now on all major mobile phone operators.

Source — techgadgets

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