Germany wants $92 million from Nokia

Germany’s threat of legal action doesn’t seem to have had much effect on Nokia, either that or Nokia just doesn’t give a damn about North Rhine Westphalia’s large demand for subsidies repayment. A few days ago the German state bank NRW bank demanded Nokia refund subsidies given to build Bochum factory, the demand includes accrued interest and comes out to the tune of a staggering $92 million.

Germany contends that Nokia violated the terms of the subsidies by failing to create a minimum amount of jobs; Nokia has of course rejected the claims, stating they provided the necessary paperwork back when officials didn’t have any problem handing out subsidy monies, and as such Nokia had right to said subsidies.

North Rhine Westphalia’s own people are apparently against Germany’s ultimatum as the Bochum factories works council complains the demand for repayment is hindering negotiations over replacement jobs and severance pay.

So, will West Rhine Westphalia drag Nokia into court; can Nokia fight yet another lawsuit as they are still fighter a huge legal battle with Qualcomm? Who knows, but maybe with Nokia’s concentration on Qualcomm it would be a good time to file a suit, that is presuming Germany has a legal leg to stand on of course.

Source — telecompaper

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