HTC files patent on unique dual slider mobile

To say the price paid for dual slider handset offering QWERTY and numeric keyboards is expensive is somewhat of an understatement, even HTC is guilty of slipping on a touch extra in the name of convenience. However this could possible change if HTC actually goes forward with their patent of a unique dual slider design; the application is entitle “Handheld electronic device,” and shows off an extremely unique take on today’s dual slider designs.

The design of this keyboard and slide rack allows the main display to actually be moved from landscape mode to portrait mode in a diagonal direction. More importantly is this patent allows for a much slimmer style via combining QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad both on the same plate which is unlike the HTC S720 which uses separate keypads. The design has the numeric keypad exposed while in portrait mode, while in landscape the QWERTY is shown.



The only slight problem is there doesn’t appear to be a way of sliding the actual screen to when in the closed position it covers both numeric and Qwerti keyboards. So all we need now is to see if HTC can actually get this design off the ground.

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