HTC Touch Cruise Video Review

The HTC Touch Cruise is a sleek, stylish, and compact phone that is big on features and has an LCD screen size that gives you an excellent multimedia experience in a mobile device.

Using ordinary finger gestures, you can quickly browse through e-mails, web pages, messages, music, and images, making navigation a breeze.

This phone also has built-in GPS which will also help you avoid traffic and delays, and take detours to visit points of interest and local attractions.


2 thoughts on “HTC Touch Cruise Video Review”

  1. Mark says:

    What a shame the new replacement to the TytnII has no keyboard.. it will be a deal breaker for me, having no keyboard will be a pain.. Once you learn to use the keyboard it’s a gem. I will have to hunt hi and low for a NOS Tytn II for the new contact!!

    This means now the HTC cruise is just the same as a Blackberry and that is now what I am going to have to look at.. Sorry HTC you made a mistake there!!! no keyboard and keep changing the design just to try and keep ahead means you are going to lose loyal customers.

    This new phone offers me less than my old phone for what I need to use it for my company.. what a shame 3 HTC’s in a row can’t see it being a 4th now.. shame 🙁

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