Verizon to hopefully launch LTE by 2010

Verizon has now acquired a C-Block spectrum which will enable them to roll out a nationwide mobile broadband network which will be base on the 4G LTE which means Long Term Evolution. This acquisition means Verizon has expanded their spectrum by 60% and would now be able to light off their LTE network in 2010.

This means Verizon hopes to finalise the 4G standard, start trial and hopefully have all the prepping done for their network built-out by this year’s end. The idea is to wrap up network deployments and advanced network trials by end of 09, just in time to launch LTE in 2010.

AT&T is looking to a 2012 LTE launch while Sprint is hoping to launch its WiMAX XOHM later this year. However the way things are headed for Sprint they need to bring their XOHM out before LTE gets to go live. If they can get the XOHM out by end of 09 they will stand a chance of becoming a premier mobile data provider which they need to be to survive.

Source — vzw

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