Is it unfair Ireland is not getting Apple iPhone price cut?

Following on from James news yesterday about O2 and retailer Carphone Warehouse knocking off £100 of the Apple iPhone 8GB (See Here) the latest news is that Ireland will miss out on this opportunity.

In the UK people will not be paying £269 they will be paying £100, this is a little unfair for all those Irish Apple fans really.

Ireland seem to miss out on everything like the iPhone was only launched in March which is a lot later than other countries months to be precise, the iPhone was also a lot higher in cost over in the Emerland Isle.

O2 Ireland has 18-month tariffs which have been criticised for being particularly uncompetitive and users in Ireland do not get Visual Voicemail or Cloud Wi-Fi access.

We here at Phones Review say that all Apple iPhones should be the same in all countries like prices, extras, savings and so forth. Ok maybe some countries cannot have it all but the price cut should be the same in Ireland as it is in the UK. If Apple did this we can see them making even more of a killing than they already are.

There are many people in Ireland that really want the Apple iPhone but can not afford paying top whack for it, so surely those unfortunate ones that cannot afford it should get them as cheap as us here in the UK.

All of you in Ireland please tell us what your views are on this matter?

Source – Macworld

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