Apple iPhone SDK has 200,000 Developers and rising

Peter Oppenheimer, CFO of Apple has announced that Apple has signed 200,000 developers for the iPhone SDK, (Software Development Kit) so far. Apple announced that in mid-March the iPhone SDK was downloaded 100,000 times and Apple are signing more developers each week.

Oppenheimer believes there has been a tremendous response to the SDK and says intrest in developing enterprise apps for the Apple iPhone is doing well. Apparently, more than 1/3 of Fortune 500 companies actively create software for the iPhone, while in excess of 400 higher educations are creating iPhone apps.

In late June, Apple pland to send a free update to software which runs the iPhone, and called iPhone 2.0; this update is to introduce the Apple App Store, which is a new feature to enable iPhone users to buy, download and install 3rd-party app software for the handset. Apple also intends to bring out a similar update for its Apple iPod Touch, which for a nominal fee with provide iPod users with access to the App Store.

According to figures, Apple shifted 1.7 million iPhone handsets in the quarter, and has now added the Austria and Ireland markets to their portfolio, with Apple looking to be on tract for selling 10 million iPhone handsets by the year’s end.

Source — macworld

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