Sony Ericsson uses vtap to deliver web video to mobile phones

Beginning this month, via vtap Sony Ericsson customers will be able to download in excess of 150 million web videos to their mobile handsets after Sony Ericsson signed a deal with the mobile video search service.

Sony Ericsson are offering this as a free service accessible via the Sony Ericsson Fun & Downloads web portal, and will enable Sony Ericsson customers to personalise the videos they wish to see. It searches video sites such as MySpace, YouTube and DailyMotion along with many others on the web to locate videos which match a user’s preference.

The vtap browser groups the videos into folders and users can collect, organise, and even share the videos, while vtap saves your favourites. This new service is immediately available on the Sony Ericsson Java Platform 8 enables mobile handsets such as the W890i, W910i, K660i, K850i, and the Z770i.

Furthermore, support for the Sony Ericsson JP7 Series, such as the W660i, W580i, W880i, K770i, K503i, K810, and the T650 will become available in the near future, while the service will be provided in Spanish, German, Italian, French, and English.

Source — vtap via Pocket-lint


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  1. Bernadette mc keown says:

    I just downloaded vTap to my w580i and it keeps throwing up a message saying cannot connect to media server was just wondering if you could possibly tell me how to fix this please. Grateful for any help you could send. Cheers.

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