Feng Shui Lucky Dragon Mobile Phone to get you in the mood

Designed for those followers of Feng Shui, apparently the Lucky Dragon mobile handset had been designed to bring you good vibes mood wise, to “generate auspicious energy every time you hold and use it, and activates good chi every time you make or receive a phone call.”

Ok if you say so! The things promoters use these days to grab a sale. Personally I don’t buy it but no doubt there are those out there that will. So if you fancy a tough of the oriental dragon Feng Shui, the Lucky Dragon is currently available in Singapore with a price tag of S$168 on a 2 tear contract basis, or if you prefer without contract the price will be S$668.

Lucky Dragon

Enter the Dragon: with this fiery red candy-bar design with standard screen, keypad and shortcut buttons has a sliver dragon pasted in its back with 288 cubic zircronia gems and a single red zircronia depicts the eye of the dragon and a small pearl can be found but its mouth. Will the Lucky Dragon mobile phone be able to lift you mood when the boss rings you in the middle of the night to make sure that presentation is ready for first thing in the morning? Very doubtful.

Source — uberphones

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