eBay auction unlocked BlackBerry 9000 ends abruptly leaving photos: video

Don’t know who, but someone has been auctioning off the unlocked BlackBerry 9000 mobile phone on eBay, however this auction has suddenly come to an end. Not sure where this originates from be it RIM insider who was trying to turn an extra buck in advance of any carrier standing a chance, one thing is for sure whoever it was knows their stuff.

The action images look really legit, same goes for the spec sheet. Apparently the BlackBerry being auctioned off has 3G, WiFi, EDGE and Bluetooth, but it’s a good guess there’s HSDPA in there too for GSM/UMTS networks. It will still be a while before RIM shower us with their next generation mobile handset, but to appease you a little there is a video compilation of the BlackBerry 9000 images below.

BlackBerry 9000

Source — engadgetmobile


One thought on “eBay auction unlocked BlackBerry 9000 ends abruptly leaving photos: video”

  1. Who revealed the “Super Secret”?

    The still under development so called “Apple Killer”-Though I love the open rivalry…, had everybody’s eyes hooked on it but poor thing; somebody revealed the secret.

    Bravo! I don’t know whether to applaud the intruder for his brave act or apologize the company for being its Blackberry 9000 “Apple Killer” exposed to the public. Whatever be the case but I feel it has already gathered the attention what the official launch would have not done for it!

    On a serious note I feel RIM needs to be more cautious about the intruder spying on their latest technology but I wonder how come a website like eBay hosted this unofficial information. Probably they were not aware of it!

    Anyhow I’ll be hooked for further updates. This seems to be getting interesting!

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