HTC boosting video performance: video update still coming

There was some hoo-hah with HTC a few months back remember? Well apparently with the abundance of class action lawsuit filing and petition signing from HTC extremely annoyed customers who were wanting full video acceleration on the flagship HTC smartphones has indeed paid off. HTC caved and promised to deliver the software update that would boost video performance.

Well where is the promised update? Believe it or not, according to HTC, the update is still on its way. HTC isn’t saying exactly when to expect the update or when it will be made available, or even if it will be distributed as a device-installable .cab file, or even an Over-The-Air download; however HTC do still insist and assure us that the video enhancing update is still in the pipeline. So there you have it, it’s only a matter of time!

Source — phonenews

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