Will there be a new smaller version of the Apple iPhone?

According to Taiwan Economic News, sources in the supply chain are intimating that there could be a lighter weight, smaller variant on the Apple iPhone in the works. Rumour has it this new smaller iPhone handset will weigh around 110-120grams as compared to the present 158grams Apple iPhone. This smaller version iPhone is said to do away with its aluminium magnesium shell in favour of a more lighter plastic case. The plastic shaves weight from the new handset and the whisper is it will incorporate a 2.8 inch multi-touch display screen, which replaces the original 3.5 inch.

This rumor comes in the face of other rumours that the next-gen Apple 3G iPhone will be larger
in bulk to accommodate the GPS receiver, but rumours are rumours, sometimes they don’t visualise. There seems to be indication that Apple is about to quash criticism of the companies’ one-trick-pony iPhone handset by bringing out differing iPhones to suit differing needs.

Apple iPhone

The high-end Apple iPhone would then be the 3G and sport a true GOS; the present Apple iPhone handset taking the mid-range, or something very similar, white a stripped down variant iPhone would bring just the bare-bones in the lower-end market.

Keep in mind though how Apple loves to confuse those who speculate by commissioning purposely constructed hardware prototypes; so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Apple really has planned.

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