BlackBerry Javelin and Niagra in BlackBerry 9000’s from RIM

Seems CDMA network subscribers will not be left out when RIM brings out their BlackBerry 9000 handset. The word is RIM is preparing 2 variants on the BlackBerry 9000, the BlackBerry Javelin and BlackBerry Niagra. The Javelin being an EDGE based 9000 which is all we know about the handset so far.

The Niagra will be a BlackBerry 9000 version sporting EVDO support, which means it will be handling EVDO REV.A data for the CDMA networks. The BlackBerry Niagra 9000 is expected to hit markets with aGPS, Qualcomm MSM7600 processor and Blackberry OS 4.7. While the BlackBerry Javelin 9000 will be quad-band GSM, BlackBerry OS 4.6, WiFi, GPS and Ardon V processor.


Source — BGR


One thought on “BlackBerry Javelin and Niagra in BlackBerry 9000’s from RIM”

  1. Ricky Davis says:

    It is most welcome that these things are progressing nicely at RIM.

    I am still waiting for a Blackberry stand alone store in London. Rents are falling. Good time
    There are still battery issues for the Bold and the storm. Improved camera specs, maybe a tie-in with a lens manufacturer there are plenty.

    New and better models with 3G and longer battery life if you please.

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