Apple signs with Sing Tel Globe Bharti and Optus to sell Apple iPhone

A joint statement made by Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, Globe Telecom Inc, Bharti Airtel Ltd, and Sing Tel subsidiary Optus Monday say they have signed with Apple Inc to bring the Apple iPhone to their markets later this year.

Obviously SingTel will offer the Apple iPhone in Singapore, Globe Telecom in the Philippines, Optus in Australia, and Bharti in India, but so far no finantial agreements have been announced. SingTel has stakes in the other companies being 30.5% in Bharti, 44.5% in Globe and owns Optus.

SingTel, as of the 31st Dec 2007 has roughly 2.3 million mobile phone subscribers in Singapore and with approximately 7 million in Australia, while Bharti has about 64 million and Globe 21.3 million subscriber base as of 31st March. Apple has also said their iPhone is to be sold in Asia later this year.

Source — money.cnn

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