Images of the Motorola V750 and W755 mobile phone for Verizon

A pair of Motorola Verizon mobile phones go closer to that all important launch day, the Motorola V750 and Motorola W755, both flip design mobile handsets. The slightly more sporting of the two is the V750, is sliver with black and red mesh trim and as yet no launch date is available.

The Motorola W755 mobile phone is a different game though as we are hearing it is presently tracking towards a debut of 23rd of May. Unfortunately as yet still no word on the pricing, but as it features a skimpy feature set the hit on your wallet shouldn’t be too hard. So while you eagerly await these two Motorola mobile phone to materialise we have a few photos for you to ponder over…

Motorola V750 and W755

Motorola V750 and W755

Motorola V750 and W755

Motorola V750 and W755

Motorola V750 and W755

Motorola V750 and W755

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3 thoughts on “Images of the Motorola V750 and W755 mobile phone for Verizon”

  1. Ronnie says:

    Just purchased the Moto W755 phone from Verizon and it was $139 AFTER a $50 rebate. All the websites stating it will be available for free at Verizon sure make paying $139 a tough pill to swallow. Haven’t had time to try the phone out yet. Any one else purchase one yet?

  2. Rocketime says:

    Picked up the W755 on Friday. $119 with a $50 rebate. My first moto after many LG’s so I’m curious how they compare. I bought for the look and style. Was carrying an EnV but got tired of the size and wanted a phone I can carry in my pocket. My texting has slowed down since my son got married so the main feature of the EnV isn’t as important to me anymore.

    Everything on the Moto seems to work great and I like the Bluetooth on and off button on the front. I use a Jawbone but not all day so I wanted a convenient way to be able to save battery on the phone. The sound is good and clear and callers have stated I sound clear and loud. Have not tried the music feature as I have the 80gig Zune.

  3. David says:

    Picked up today. So far its the best Motorola phone i have used. M really awed by the quality of the software. Works great with Vapor theme looking amazing .

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